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How app development has changed due to the coronavirus

App Development Changed Due to Coronavirus

Apps need to be distinctive and offer something different if they are to stand out from the crowd. It’s all too easy for your customers to delete your apps from their smartphones when they need a clearout and haven’t used your app for a while, and this can mean losing out of valuable revenue.

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Keeping business going

As more physical shops close their doors due to the second lockdown, non-essential retailers are increasing their use of apps to keep selling their products and services. These apps enable customers to stock up on goods they won’t find at their local supermarket without even opening their web browsers. Many companies have survived the pandemic by embracing the digital world and offering their products and services via apps. Switching to an app-based business model may help many retailers secure their survival.

App use in the pandemic

App usage is seeing a considerable resurgence now that more of us are spending most of our time at home again. Many people now have vast amounts of free time to experiment with new apps. Although this is a very challenging time for many industries, there is a growing interest in apps due to the current situation.

Apps can be used for all sorts of purposes and don’t just have to be focused on selling products and services. They can be used to improve health, help people stay safe and to keep people entertained with music, games and video.

App use in pandemic
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Communication apps

Research has found that communication apps have seen a huge increase in downloads since the first UK lockdown was announced. Apps like Zoom have enabled people to enjoy video chats with multiple people at once, helping them to not only work but to socialise too. They have also helped businesses to stay in touch with their customers and respond to all kinds of queries.

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Apps and the virtual workplace

A whole host of businesses have been using apps to remain in operation. Apps enable staff to communicate effectively, collaborate efficiently and to boost their colleagues’ morale. As real-world employee get-togethers have been put on hold, many businesses have organised virtual parties via apps like Zoom.

Educational Apps

Healthcare and fitness apps

There is now a much bigger demand for healthcare apps than before. App developers have been working on apps that check body temperature and help people identify other systems that may be linked to coronavirus or other illnesses. As people have been discouraged from entering healthcare centres unless they must attend in person, GP appointments have also been carried out on communication apps. Apps have also been used to improve fitness, with communication apps also being used for weight loss and fitness classes.

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Educational apps

There has also been increased interest in educational apps, with pupils and students having been effectively forced to continue learning from home. One big benefit of educational apps is that they add an extra element of fun to learning thanks to gamification. Once quality educational apps have been downloaded, geography doesn’t need to stand in the way of learning.

Home Delivery App

Apps for home delivery

The home delivery market has been flourishing during 2020. Although bricks-and-mortar shops were facing big problems before the pandemic, home delivery has become even more popular recently. Home delivery apps can provide a lifeline for shops no longer since the footfall they once enjoyed. Even when the lockdown was eased, many people were reluctant to visit the high street due to infection fears. More and more of us are now ordering food via apps, with many would-be diners also reluctant to eat in restaurants when they can enjoy the same culinary fare at home.

Cookery Apps

Cookery apps

Cooking apps have also seen a big rise in popularity recently, with more people trying out new recipes and sharpening their culinary skills to pass the time. These apps enable people to experiment with recipes from around the world. They also allow them to identify interesting recipes with just a few touches of their screens.

Paid apps becoming more popular

More device owners are now paying for apps according to Adjust’s Global App Trends 2020 report. The report says 30% of app installations were paid for in 2019. This was a 6% rise compared to 2018. Evidence suggests that increasing numbers of customers are happy to pay for downloads as long as the app offers valuable benefits. The gaming sector has seen a considerable rise in app downloads as people seek out new ways to entertain themselves at home. In the final week of March, there was a 132% rise in app installations compared to the same period in 2019. Business app installs were up by 70% due to factors like home working. Food and drink app installations were boosted by 21%

Paid Apps
App Launch

Launching an app during the pandemic

Help is available if you have been considering launching an app during the COVID-19 pandemic. You are more likely to get the right results if you know what you want to achieve. However, even if you only have a vague idea of what you’re looking for, an app developer can work with you to create something useful that offers real value to device users. An app developer can help you whether you want to launch an app to drive revenue, enhance the customer experience, boost brand loyalty or all of these. They can assist you whether you’re planning on launching a free or paid-for app, and they can help whether you want an app that works on Android and Apple devices.

How an app can benefit you

Apps can enhance customer experience and improve brand loyalty by shortening the length of time it takes to carry out certain actions. These include making purchases, getting in touch with you, browsing your catalogue, checking the status of their orders and so on. You can also use apps to keep your customers notified about the latest news, offers and additions to your catalogue.

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