Small Business App Features Appy Monkey

Small Business App Features

If your app is installed onto a phone this means an icon with your logo is added to their phone too. The average user looks at their phone 150 times a day so consciously or subconsciously, your logo, business name and brand will get ingrained into their psyche. Guaranteeing that they will never forget your business again!

Just As Important As Your Shop Window

The image you create when the customer visits your business is just as important in an App as it is in the real world. This is why Appy Monkey spend a great deal of time and energy, fabricating a beautifully designed welcome screen to greet visitors when they first open your app. This will further strengthen your business name, logo and brand.

A list of all the available features you can add to your app are shown below.

NOTE– For bespoke features you will need to have a Custom App built.

Small Business App Features Appy Monkey


Design Machine

Our design machine has been fine-tuned to help you create a first class user experience for your mobile customers.

Google Fonts

Gain access to the Google Font library and select from more than 800 different fonts to cement your brand identity.

Tailored to each device

Our elements of design perfectly adapt to each screen size for consistent quality on each device, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Industry Templates

 A host of pre-prepared templates are available to choose from covering a wealth of different business sectors.

Icons gallery

We have a collection of more than a 1000 icons specifically designed for you to pick out the icons that suit your app. They are organised and easy to search in your back office control panel.

Small Business App Features Appy Monkey


Native iOS Apps

Our solution allows you to create a native app for Apple mobile users. Once your app is designed and built it can be swiftly uploaded onto the Apple Store.

Native Android Apps

Once you have used our in-house solution to create your Android app for users it can be published on the Google Play Store and downloaded straight away.
Both iOS and Android apps are designed, build and delivered at the same time.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive apps can be sent straight to your customer’s browsers, meaning they don’t even need to head to an app store to download them.

App Builder CMS

With our drag-and-drop app building solutions, you can create an app with no coding experience. A range of revenue-boosting features is available to help your small business prosper.

Small Business App Features Appy Monkey

Content Sections


It is easy to add your own articles and blogs whenever you want.


Just upload images to create your app gallery

Web TV

Upload videos which can be viewed in your app as Web TV


Connect your app with Twitter and view all feeds in the app


Add your facebook page link to the app


You can add your own Instagram account to the app easily

About Us

You can add an ‘about us’ section to personalise your app


You can activate a section in your app that shows your location using an easy to navigate map


Add your own calendar to show key dates and availability that your clients can see


You can add your own podcasts as well as videos to your app


Connect your wordpress blog to your app for your audience to see


Automatically integrate all of your Shopify store items into your app


Add a YouTube channel link or section onto the app


Add a Vimeo channel to the app to increase the reach of your videos


Automatically integrate all of your amazon store items into a mobile shopping cart feature

Small Business App Features Appy Monkey

Premium Add-ons

Private App Store

The Private App Store is designed for companies and organisations with vast security requirements. Suitable customers include local councils, schools and more. These apps can be created and accessed without having to be reviewed by Apple.


The Signature add-on allows users to sign documents quickly and securely so solutions like postal services, scanners and printers are no longer needed.

Multiple Language Support

We can create apps in a number of different languages and even develop an app that has sections in a number of languages.


By encouraging users to leave reviews, you can boost your reputation and rise to the top of the search rankings.

Groups Management

With the groups management solution; groups can be defined, users assigned to them and access given to selected authorised figures only.

Loyalty Card

Club Card

Live +

Small Business App Features Appy Monkey



With the Menu feature, you can determine prices for the items you sell.


The Messages feature allows your users to regain access to old push notifications. It also gives them access to valuable linked content.


The Contact feature will enable your users and customers to get in touch with you with ease. You can include information including your location, website address, phone number, email address and opening hours here.


Let your customers know about upcoming events as well as information about past events with this additional useful feature.


Integrating a web page into your app is a breeze with the Website feature. Just add the URL and you’re good to go.

Mortgage Calculator

With the Mortgage Calculator, users can see what their monthly repayment would be based on the amount they are borrowing, how long they are borrowing it for and the rate of interest.

Tip Calculator

The tip calculator allows users to input bill prices, the percentage they want to tip and add the number of users contributing to the bill.


You can use this feature to add anything you want a static HTML page. If you can place it on a conventional web page, you can add it here.


This tier closely resembles the Info-1-Tier but offers two tiers. The second of these tiers is more specific and can be used to add more detail about items.


The Info-3-Tier allows you to add even more specific information, with the second tier being used for sub-categories.

RSS Feed

The RSS feed allows you to show news and information to your users with ease. You don’t need to make any manual changes to ensure your users are constantly updated.

Mailing List

All businesses benefit from mailing lists. Our Mailing List takes the fuss and strain out of sourcing key contact information from your users so you can provide news and information on offers, events and more.

Email Photo

The Email Photo feature enables your users to attach photos and videos to emails from the app. These images can then be shared to your business’ social media pages.

Wufoo Form

This feature offers simple integration with WuFoo. This is a third-party site that offers a wealth of customisation features.

Sports Stats

Sports Stats delivers a flexible in-app counter which can be used to display information related to health, finance, fitness and more. Your users can then send results to an email address of your choosing.

Image Gallery

Showcase images in your app with the Image Gallery feature. If you have galleries elsewhere, you can easily draw these into the Galley, or you can use the dashboard to build a custom gallery.

Fan Wall

Your users can share their comments about your business on your Fan Wall and interact with each other.

Around Us

If there are many exciting things to see and do around your physical business location, you can show these off with the Around Us feature. Offer directions, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and more.


More and more businesses are keeping their customers entertained with podcasts. You can use the Podcast feature to integrate both audio and video podcasts, and you can update the app with the latest content automatically.

Youtube Channel

If you have a YouTube channel, show it off in style within your app. You can do this without the visual content appearing cluttered or out of place. Just add the custom URL of your channel.

QR Scanner

With the QR Scanner, your users can scan QR codes from you and others.

Voice Recording

This feature gives your users the opportunity to record and send voice notes directly to you.


Users can save notes within your app with ease thanks to this valuable feature.

Call Us

With just one tap of their screens, your customers can instantly get in touch with you via the phone thanks to this incredibly convenient feature.

Direction View

With Direction View, users can access directions to a range of relevant locations with just a single touch of their screens. What’s more is that you can add as many addresses as you like.

Let a Friend Know

This feature is designed to let users tell their friends about your app within a few clicks.


Our Loyalty feature enables you to reward your customers for carrying out certain actions. It can make your customers feel more engaged and can be customised with ease.


If you have tracks to share and sell, you can do this via the Music feature, which lets you import upload and link to music files.

Food Ordering

If you’re based in the catering or hospitality industry, you can use the Food Ordering feature to take order from your customers. Menus can be customised, prices can be changed whenever necessary, payments can be taken, deliveries can be booked and orders for collection can be made.

Reservations and Appointments

Does your business deal with reservations and appointments? Then you can use this feature to ensure time slots are secured by whoever needs them. The feature can send out notifications whenever appointments are booked and allows you to charge commitment fees and postpone or cancel appointments.


Show in-app PDFs with this handy feature. Businesses often use the PDF feature to display menus, reports, event flyers and more.


The Events feature enables you to pull in events from your Facebook page and gives your customers the chance to RSVP and add their comments and images.

Custom Forms

Businesses mustn’t underestimate the importance of customer feedback. The Custom Forms feature can be used to source the opinions of your users, as well as requests for reservations and appointments.

Car Finder

With Car Finder, visitors to your business premises can add pins to where they have left their vehicles so they can easily identify them when they leave. Timers can be used to tell customers when they are about to run out of parking time, and users can also share their locations through email and text.

Fan Wall 2

With Fan Wall 2, your customers can engage with you and fellow customers even more. This feature enables them to leave comments and photos, ask questions and talk to other users about what sets you apart from the competition.


Generate more income for your business with the Merchandise feature. You can either integrate marketplaces you already use or create bespoke marketplaces to secure in-app sales.


Keep your customers up to date with a host of developments with the news feature. Share important and relevant blogs and add keywords to determine which content appears in the news feed.

Real Estate

If you’re based in the property sector, you can use the Real Estate feature to show off properties for sale or rental. Listings can be imported manually.

Golf Courses

Use this feature to create a golf course range and enable customers to rate their games.

Small Business App Features Appy Monkey


Promo Kit

Once your app has been built, it’s essential to promote it to ensure your customers can find it. The Promo Kit allows you to develop effective branded promotional materials to create awareness.

Staff Training Poster

The Staff Training Posters will encourage employees and others to let your customers know about your app.

Social Sharing

Once you have built and released your app, you can use your content management system to promote it via a range of social media platforms.

Small Business App Features Appy Monkey


Push Notifications

Push notifications ensure your customers are informed about the latest developments as soon as you want to make them public. The app doesn’t even need to be open for these notifications to be seen by your customers, and a host of customisation options are available.

App Analytics

Analytics features give you essential information about how well your app is being received. They will tell you how many people are downloading and using the app, how much time they are spending with it and so on. Use the insights you get to make any changes you need to implement.


The Transactions feature gives you detailed information on purchases in real-time. Transaction data can be exported with ease to assist you with bookkeeping.

Management App

The management tool that comes with your app allows you to gain control of various features from your tablet or smartphone. Manage and view social media activity, push notifications, analytics and more.

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