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You focus on your business, we will take care of everything. Appy Monkey’s diverse team will take care of all your app design to development and making it live.

Get Your App Appy Monkey
Get Your App Appy Monkey

Financially advantageous, powerful and always up to date

There are many benefits of using Appy Monkey’s services of small business apps. We take care of everything from app idea to promotion of your app, besides that we always help in providing the tools you need for marketing of your app as well. You will get countless benefits from Appy Monkey.

iPhone and Android Compatible

The chaps at Appy Monkey are firm believers that a thing of beauty, sophistication and style should be shared with the masses. And that’s why all of our apps are designed and developed to work on all iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android operating systems. We’ve Got You Covered!…

Get Your App Appy Monkey
Get Your App Appy Monkey

ONE Link to Distribute to ALL…

We will provide you with one simple URL for distributing your app. Example: Depending on what phone they own, when they visit this link, they will be automatically directed to either the Apple App Store or Google Play (for Android). Keeping things nice and simple.

Web Based Control Panel

If you require complete control over your app and its’ content, we supply you with a personal control panel that you can access via a normal web browser. This option is perfect for those businesses that need to make many updates to events, special offers, galleries, push notifications etc. Otherwise we’re more then happy to manage the content and updates for you.

Get Your App Appy Monkey

Hosted by Us – Published By Us…

The assets and databases that our apps utilise are all hosted on high speed, dedicated servers, delivered by data centres spread around the globe. Our technology is robust and trustworthy.

We also take the headache out of registering, maintaining, submitting and paying for an Apple Developer account, iTunes Connect Account and Google Play Account, by publishing your app on our accounts

Get Your App Appy Monkey

Future Proof Reliability

We are constantly developing and improving our platform and its’ features. Any updates that are made to a feature that you already have on your app, will get automatically updated for the life of the app. We will also let you know of any new features that we feel will fit with your business and its’ app.

Get Your App Appy Monkey

Extremely Fast Turn Around

We’ve developed our system in such a way that allows us to design beautiful apps in a fraction of the time of other app developers. And shorter development TIME = Smaller Development COST to the end client. Get in contact today – and GET A FULLY FUNCTIONING APP IN LESS THEN 14 DAY FROM NOW!

Summary – So why have an App?

  • Mobile internet has overtaken desktop internet usage
  • Your customers are EXPECTING you to own an app
  • Get you brand conveniently in the palms of customers hands.
  • Supply LIVE, up to date information
  • Connect with your customers on a regular basis
  • Push your offers and news straight to their screen
  • Engage and reward your customers
  • Achieve fantastic customer retention
  • Make an additional revenue, by allowing advertising in your app
  • Your competition WILL catch on to this soon. Be the firsts!

Why Choose Appy Monkey

  • We won’t bog your down with industry jargon
  • We’re NOT just app builders… We’re also experienced Marketers!
  • We are a team or perfectionists
  • We ensure all our Apps our beautifully designed
  • We have an extensive list of app features
  • You won’t need to worry about ANYTHING technical!
  • You are in control – we provide an easy to use control panel
  • We build both Android and Apple versions of your app
  • We can also provide an iPad version
  • Future Proof… We’re constantly improving the features in our apps. We will update your app with ALL future improvements!
  • We host and publish the app for you… so you don’t have to worry about complicated developer accounts with Apple and Google
  • We’ll also help with getting the app promoted

Get in touch with us

If you have an idea then get in touch and let us bring your idea to life.

Or if you have any questions at all why not just get in touch and we will call you back to discuss…