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Shopping App

Easily create your shopping app in the App Store, Google Play and on the web with Appy Monkey’s small business apps.

Shopping App Appy Monkey
Shopping App Appy Monkey

Shopping Apps convert 3x more than responsive websites

Mobile phones are fast replacing web-sites for online shopping. Appy Monkey’s small business apps can create Native apps for android and iOS easily with the features you need for run your business online.


Give the best shopping experience to your customers

With Appy Monkey’s small business apps’ features you can tailor the best design and shopping experience to suit your customers

Shopping App Appy Monkey

Auto Login

Login just once and users will be auto logged in every time

Shopping App Appy Monkey

Best Navigation

Intuitive navigation between menus entirely dedicated to mobiles

Shopping App Appy Monkey


Attract your customers with targeted discounts

Shopping App Appy Monkey

App Search

Search all content easily on your app so customers can find what they are looking for quickly

One click checkout for your customers with Apple Pay and cards saved on a customers browser

Convert more customers with one click payments in the app. With the integration of Digital Wallets (Apple Pay and cards saved by a browser -Payment Request API) in your Shopping Apps, payment is done in a click. With Apple Pay, a payment is very easy: a look is enough to validate a transaction.

Shopping App Appy Monkey
Shopping App Appy Monkey

Communicate Easily with E-mails or Push Notifications

E-mails and push notifications are fantastic marketing tools for your app. You can notify your customers every time they make a purchase, offer repeat purchases and easily and inform customers about new offers. You can send push notifications to all your customers or selected ones depending on who you are targeting.

Now you don’t just have to send a push straight away. Just set a specific time and date and you are done.

Marketing Made simple

Sharing your app on a public platform is really easy. With Appy Monkey’s small business apps you can share it with a QR code or even you can share it with email.

You can download QR codes and send it to individual users or you can just paste it on any website or any social media where a customer can reach you easily

Shopping App Appy Monkey
Shopping App Appy Monkey

Adding products to your shop

With Appy Monkey’s small business apps it is so easy to update your products. Simply add a title, a short description and upload an image and you are done. The best part is you can easily highlight it in different sections of your app as well as set SEO for that product. Of course you can add so many more details if you wish!


A Perfect Back office solution to eCommerce

You can manage products, promotions, discounts, taxes, shipping, etc from just one click in back office admin system

100+ Features for your app

Explore all the features that having an app can offer to make your life easier and your business more efficient and profitable

Shopping App Appy Monkey

Easy Payments

One-click payments, Digital Wallets (Apple Pay), saved cards

Shopping App Appy Monkey

Stock Management

Manage your stock from your admin interface for each product and its variant

Shopping App Appy Monkey

Permanent Cart

Your clients can add products to the cart, leave the app and come back where they left off

Shopping App Appy Monkey

Order Tracking

A tracking link will be shared with your client so they can track their order

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