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Create your Business app, News App, Community App and more on the App Store, Google Play and on the web easily with Appy monkey’s small business apps.

Classic App Appy Monkey
Classic App Appy Monkey

Getting an app for your business is now easier than ever

Reaching your customer’s through an app is way easier than you would have ever thought. With appy monkey’s small business apps we can create a native app, with designs / logos if required in a matter of days. You even don’t have to worry about hosting your app on the stores. We take care of all of that for you.


Give the best experience to your customers

With the many Appy Monkey small business apps features you can give the best possible experience to your customers, we will take care of all the technical stuff, all you have to do is run your business

Classic App Appy Monkey

Easy Content Management

Manage all app content from one central place very easily

Classic App Appy Monkey

Hassle Free Experience

Appy Monkey will host your app on the app and google play stores

Classic App Appy Monkey

Get Better Insights

Get real time insights about your app, customers, downloads, etc.

Communication with your customers is now more targeted than ever before

You can communicate with your customers by sending Push Notifications to everyone. You can also schedule when you want a push to go out and to specific targeted groups only if preferred. In addition you can send out a push that is triggered geo-locationally by customers who are close by your business.

You can create communication strategies tailored to your customers.

Classic App Appy Monkey

Scheduled Push

Classic App Appy Monkey

Geofencing Push

Classic App Appy Monkey


Manage all your app content from just one integrated dashboard

Add articles, photos, videos, podcasts at the click of a button.

Develop your personailsed content directly from dashboard. You can add articles, photos, videos, podcasts, points of interests on maps, forms, events and more. These can be previewed before making live and added to specific areas of your app. You can upload and take down content in seconds.

Classic App Appy Monkey

Ask your customers to rate your app to get invaluable feedback

Remind your audience to rate or love your app with a popup. You can set how many times you want to show a popup in your app.

Get insights about your app in a few clicks

There is a wealth of statistics available for you to analyse. This will help you determine the success of any marketing campaigns. You can see page views, total sessions/unique sessions as well as platform specific data too. This data can be exported to allow easy analysis.

You can even add external statistics tools like Google Analytics and Flurry.

Classic App Appy Monkey

Best features you always look for in app

Appy Monkey’s small business apps have many features that will engage your audience meaning users will come back time and time again

Classic App Appy Monkey
Classic App Appy Monkey

Geofencing Notifications

What is geofencing? A geographic area set by you where an automated notification is sent to the user if they come within 5km of your business for example. You can send automated notifications upon entering or exiting the designated geographic area, while using your app.

Add unique value to your app

For a small fee you can add loyalty cards, create user groups, authorised access for users with a username and password to specified parts of your app and more.

Classic App Appy Monkey

100+ Features for your app

Explore the features that will add value to your app for both you and your users.

Classic App Appy Monkey


Send different types of notifications to your app users

Classic App Appy Monkey


Add chat features to your app that will support your users

Classic App Appy Monkey

Team Management

Manage your team with permission management allowing differing access control

Classic App Appy Monkey


With the list of Add-ons you can customise your unique app

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