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Findsec app – security recruitment made easy

Findsec app – Security recruitment made easy

Findsec has revolutionised the security industry, providing an easy and stress-free way for SIA licensed professionals to and security companies to connect with each other. Security recruitment can be challenging and time-consuming, but Findsec has created an easy to use platform that makes […]

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Locksub app – boosting locksmith job opportunities

Locksub app – boosting locksmith job opportunities 

Locksub has been designed for locksmiths seeking jobs in their area. Developed by the team at Appy Monkey, the app uses a geolocational system, allowing locksmiths to find new clients nearby to them instantly. Finding leads was once a difficult task for people working in […]

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Win a virtual date with Katie Price

Win a virtual date with Katie Price 

In the age of online dating, more and more people are signing up to dating apps to find a partner for a relationship. And it turns out that even celebrities are looking for love online too. You might think that famous […]

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App Trends into 2020

App Trends into 2020

Smartphones have become an extension of our very being in recent years. From Steve Jobs saying he’d put an iPod in a phone to what we have now, usage stats prove just how much our reliance on these small devices has soared.

We […]

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How to Create the Perfect User Experience

How to create the perfect user experience

At Appy Monkey, we are frequently asked what the ideal user experience consists of when it comes to apps. Almost half of the things people do during the course of a day are done out of habit. This helps to explain why so many people spend so […]

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Getting An Accurate Quote

Getting an accurate quote from Appy Monkey

At Appy Monkey, we are waiting to hear from you right now if you have a great idea for an app and are ready to get a quote. The more information you can give us, the better, so don’t be afraid to add as much detail as you can so we can make your […]

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Small Business Apps Control Panel

This is the login panel for clients that use our custom built 'Small Business Apps' Platform. This control panel lets you instantly update content within your app, send out push notifications and analyze download statistics. For more info on our 'Small Business Apps'

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