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Small Business App FAQs Appy Monkey

Small Business App FAQs

1. How do you build small business Apps?

We have our own platform that easily lets us create your app based on the modules listed on the features page.

2. Will the app be available on both iPhone and Android?

Yes, your app will be available on the iPhone (via the App Store) and Android (via Google Play)

3. iPad

If you want your app to be specifically designed and optimised for iPad then we can do it no problem there will just require extra design work so that it looks awesome!

4. Will the app work without an Internet connection?

Most of the app will work off line as long as the page has been previously loaded, however, you will need at least 3G for some of the features of the app to work as they require an internet connection.

5. How easy is it to update the content?

Updating the content could not be easier and we provide a full backend CMS that is simple to use and allows you to update the content real time. i.e. once you update the CMS then you press save and hey presto your content has changed without the need to resubmit to respective your application meaning you can update your app anytime you want.

Depending on the package you take you can update the content in 2 ways 

  • You email us the changes you would like to make
  • You simply use the back-end control panel to keep all your content up to date.

6. Why should I pay a monthly fee for the App as well as a set up cost?

Ok well for a start if you were to build an app like ours with the same features including a full back end management control panel then it would cost £20,000+. Also, you would then have the responsibility of hosting it then and paying for developers to to maintain the app.

Apple and Android are constantly updating their software – just think how many updates Apple has! We take care of all of that for you ensuring that our software is kept as up to date as possible and its all included in the monthly price.

7. How much notice do I have to give to cancel?

We would request at least 1 month notice to cancel the app – then your app will no longer be live. (Note – You can pay to make the app live again at any time.)

8. What happens if I don’t keep up the monthly payments?

If you fail to pay the monthly payments then we will remove your app from the iPhone App Store and Google Play (Android) so it will no longer be available for your customers (including the ones that already have it installed).

Access to the control panel and customer contacts will also be unavailable until such time as the outstanding balance is repaid

9. How can I pay for the service?

You can pay in the following ways: –

  • Set up a monthly standing order
  • Pay Via Pay Pal
  • Arrange for a cash payment

Any other questions get in contact today.

Get in touch with us

If you have an idea then get in touch and let us bring your idea to life.

Or if you have any questions at all why not just get in touch and we will call you back to discuss…

Small Business Apps Control Panel

This is the login panel for clients that use our custom built 'Small Business Apps' Platform. This control panel lets you instantly update content within your app, send out push notifications and analyze download statistics. For more info on our 'Small Business Apps'

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