Appy Monkey and its Snore Doctor app design is live on DesignRush

Snore App Main Image

We are proud to announce that our Snore Doctor app has been featured on DesignRush as part of its ‘12 Best Wellness, Health & Fitness Apps That Will Make You Turn Over a New Leaf’ feature.

About Snore Doctor

Snore Doctor was praised on Design Rush for its “simple interface” and “valuable data”. The Snore Doctor app is designed to help users to record their sleep activities and see the results when they wake up in the morning. When we designed the app, our biggest challenge was to translate sleep activities including snoring in a meaningful manner to give users the valuable insights that they required.

The Snore Doctor App
Snoring Detector App

How Snore Doctor works

We were able to achieve this by enabling users to tag different elements to each night’s sleep. These can include their consumption of alcohol and caffeine before sleep. By doing this, we were able to create insightful graphs that help users understand much more about their sleep activities over time. The app also comes complete with a snoring detector that enables users to record snoring. Once the results are available in the morning, they can show them to a medical professional if they wish to do so.

How to use Snore Doctor

It’s simple for people to make use of the app. The first step you need to take is to place your phone next to your bed. We do advise users to keep their phones in the same position each night to ensure the data generated is consistent. The app can calibrate itself, and it does this by measuring background noise. Once users are ready to record their sleep behaviour, they can simply press the “record” button and drift off.

How to Use the App

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