Enjoy a better night’s rest with Deer Sleep Appy Monkey

Enjoy a better night’s rest with Deer Sleep

Enjoy a better night’s rest with Deer Sleep Appy Monkey

If you’re one of the 36% of adults in the UK who struggle to get to sleep at least once a week, the Deer Sleep app may be for you. The app was proudly developed by Appy Monkey and is designed to promote rest, sleep and meditation, allowing its users to sink into a calmer frame of mind. Nearly 1 in 5 people in the UK have difficulties with falling asleep each night, and almost half of the population find it tough to get to sleep at least once a month. Anyone who has sleeping difficulties regularly or occasionally can benefit from using the Deer Sleep app.

Enjoy a better night’s rest with Deer Sleep Appy Monkey

What was the Deer Sleep app brief?

We were asked to create an app that glows and slowly changes colour to put users in the right frame of mind to get a great night’s sleep. Each soundtrack needed to play on a continuous loop without sound quality being affected. Creating a loop without audio quality being compromised can be very challenging, but as we have experts with vast experience in this area in our team, this is something we were thankfully able to achieve.

The look of the app

The client required an app that was both distinctive and calming. Deer have strong associations with calmness and beauty, which is why the app is themed around these mammals. Each of the deer that appears in the app has its own distinctive colour which is closely linked to the sounds heard in the app. The background also needed to be highly distinctive and immediately recognisable.  

Enjoy a better night’s rest with Deer Sleep Appy Monkey

How Appy Monkey achieved the clients’ aims

We tested a range of music players to ensure no sound quality was lost when the audio was plated on a loop. However, it was also important that the app didn’t use a great deal of data, and that the app worked well, looked great and sounded fantastic on the iOS and Android operating systems. We investing many hours into perfecting the audio quality of Deer Sleep. The app offers soothing noise loops and colour ambiences to slow down racing minds and help users achieve a fulfilling night of rest.

Key features of Deer Sleep

Deer Sleep users have 7 specially designed audio tracks to choose from. They can choose from these depending on their current mood or situation. Deer Sleep is used not only at night but to help users relax in the day too. It can also be used to create a calmer mood in a busy environment where a user may otherwise feel overwhelmed. Once the app has been downloaded to a user’s device, all the tracks will play instantly and won’t need to be downloaded again. This means people can get full use of the app even if they have no internet connection. Users are also able to set timers and let the app know how much rest they require. We optimised the app to ensure it required as little data as possible and could be download in a minimal time frame.

Enjoy a better night’s rest with Deer Sleep Appy Monkey
Enjoy a better night’s rest with Deer Sleep Appy Monkey

What has happened since the launch of Deer Sleep?

Deer Sleep is currently available to users of the iOS and Android operating systems. Work continues to be done on boosting brand awareness so as many people as possible are aware of the app and how it can benefit them. There are many sleep and rest-themed apps on the marketplace, so it’s vital that further steps are taken to help Deer Sleep stand out in a busy marketplace. The app has been slowly but surely building up a catalogue of positive reviews. The client and Appy Monkey continue to inform potential downloaders about why the app eclipses much of the competition in this space.

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Enjoy a better night’s rest with Deer Sleep Appy Monkey

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Enjoy a better night’s rest with Deer Sleep Appy Monkey

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