Findsec app – security recruitment made easy Appy Monkey

Findsec app – Security recruitment made easy

Findsec app – security recruitment made easy Appy Monkey

Findsec has revolutionised the security industry, providing an easy and stress-free way for SIA licensed professionals to and security companies to connect with each other. Security recruitment can be challenging and time-consuming, but Findsec has created an easy to use platform that makes finding the right roles and the best staff a simple task. Many other apps focus on recruitment in various different industries, but Findsec is industry-specific. 

Findsec app – security recruitment made easy Appy Monkey


Find and apply for security jobs

The Findsec mobile app lets you find and apply for matching jobs via your phone, helping you to find the right role to suit your skills and experience in no time at all. The app is easy to use, with a quick and simple sign-up procedure. All you need to do is answer some basic questions to get started and create a professional profile.

Some recruitment apps overcomplicate the sign-up process

Requiring users to provide all sorts of information to proceed. Findsec avoids doing this, keeping things as straightforward as possible. You can browse live jobs in your area which match your specific filters, and you can apply for them in just a few clicks. You can also use the app’s in-built messaging system to communicate with prospective employers, boosting your career opportunities.

Findsec app – security recruitment made easy Appy Monkey

Find experienced and qualified security professionals

Security roles are highly sought after in the UK, which means there will always be plenty of candidates applying for positions. However, this doesn’t mean that finding the right staff is straightforward. As well as making sure applicants are over 18 and pass identity and criminal record checks, they should also have completed relevant approved SIA training. Many companies also find previous experience of working in the police or armed forces to be useful. Findsec can help security companies find the most qualified and experienced security professionals to fit their requirements. The app can seriously speed up the recruitment process and reduce your administrative work.

Web App

Appy Monkey has created a web app that allows recruiters to efficiently manage several listing and profiles at once. As well as being able to create and manage your company profile and post jobs within the app, you can also shortlist candidates and even chat with them. The in-app messaging system can be incredibly useful when you need to find local SIA-registered staff for those quick last-minute jobs.

Findsec app – security recruitment made easy Appy Monkey
Findsec app – security recruitment made easy Appy Monkey

Marketing Website

Findsec has a marketing website for jobseekers and companies to find out more about the app and how it can help them achieve their goals. This includes a directory of registered security companies, providing valuable information to help security staff find out more about potential employers. Findsec has transformed security recruitment in the UK, attracting the biggest security firms and most qualified and experienced security professionals.

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