A guide to blockchain and blockchain apps Appy Monkey

A guide to blockchain and blockchain apps

A guide to blockchain and blockchain apps Appy Monkey

More and more developers have been using blockchain for apps. One of the reasons for this is that blockchain offers considerable benefits for apps that need data storage. Blockchain was first developed to support Bitcoin cryptocurrency but many other uses for it have come to the surface over recent years. Blockchain has the potential to benefit almost any app that needs to store or access large amounts of data securely and efficiently.

Why are more developers using blockchain for apps?

One of the biggest draws of blockchain amongst app developers is the security that it offers. Blockchain security is widely agreed to be the best kind of digital security available. This is because it uses some of the most advanced cryptography available. This kind of technology was developed with the tightest standards of encryption and security in mind.

What exactly is blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed network. It was developed via a range of interconnected “blocks”.  These blocks make a valuable contribution to the overall security of the platform. All blocks hold transaction data as well as a timestamp for the previous block. Data is encoded in cryptographic hashes, which make it almost impossible for any block to be altered. This is a big benefit for the security conscious as most cybercrime that takes place is linked to the modification of data. Blockchain is designed in a way that modifications can be spotted right away. Attempts to hide these kinds of alterations are almost futile.

A guide to blockchain and blockchain apps Appy Monkey
A guide to blockchain and blockchain apps Appy Monkey

Why is it so difficult for cybercriminals to avoid detection?

The nature of blockchain technology means an incredible amount of work would need to take place if attempts at modifying the blocks were to be concealed efficiently. Data would need to be altered on all downstream blocks as well as the target block itself. This is because the downstream blocks have a cryptographic hash for the previous block. The number of blocks requiring modification could run into the millions, if not the billions.

Why is blockchain so dependable?

Blockchain has a very high level of Byzantine fault tolerance. This means it is very unlikely to collapse. This is just one reason why so many app developers are turning to Blockchain. Many other platforms used in app development simply don’t offer this standard of reliability. The blocks contain data that is stored in multiple locations. Blockchain’s network of servers also contributes to its high level of dependability.

A guide to blockchain and blockchain apps Appy Monkey
A guide to blockchain and blockchain apps Appy Monkey

What is blockchain being used for in-app development?

Blockchain has been used for various app development purposes over recent years. More and more companies and organisations have been using blockchain apps to record their business activities, financial transactions and to store records. All apps that require the ability to store vast volumes of data can benefit from this pioneering technology.

A guide to blockchain and blockchain apps Appy Monkey

Blockchain is simpler than you might think

Many organisations are surprised to learn just how simple Blockchain is compared to other software used to create, develop and maintain apps. Alternative app development solutions can be much costlier due to their relative complexity. Apps developed via these methods often have much higher maintenance costs.

Blockchain continues to evolve

Blockchain remains in an eternal state of development. It’s likely that they will be a host of improvements and updates over the coming years as more and more people buy and sell products and services using Bitcoin. Blockchain development technology is open-source, so anybody can access it. Open-source technology enables developers to share enhancements and improvements with others. This means you don’t need to place so much reliance on your internal app development team if you do want to take advantage of these developments.

A guide to blockchain and blockchain apps Appy Monkey

Uses for Blockchain technology

More and more individuals and organisations have been using Blockchain to transfer money. Transferring money via blockchain tends to be faster and less expensive than using older methods, especially when funds are being sent from one country to another. A typical financial transaction that takes place via Blockchain will take mere minutes. More and more insurers are also using blockchain to deliver more transparency to their customers. When claims are recorded on a blockchain, customers can avoid making duplicate claims for one event. 

A guide to blockchain and blockchain apps Appy Monkey

Blockchain, property and personal data

Blockchain is also benefitting the world of property and real estate. It can greatly speed up the process of transferring ownership from one person or company to another. Organisations that store personal information can also use Blockchain to protect this data from prying eyes. Many systems currently used to store this information are somewhat vulnerable to hacks, which is one reason why healthcare providers and other organisations that need our data are now turning to Blockchain. This technology can also make voting, Government welfare administration, artists royalties, NFT management, logistics and The Internet of Things more secure.

How Appy Monkey can help

If you have a great idea for an app and need help with bringing it to reality, we are ready to hear from you. We have a great deal of blockchain technology knowledge and can help you create a highly secure app that can’t be tampered with or accessed by others. The use of blockchain technology can help you win the confidence of more clients and customers whilst enabling you to future-proof your business. We have been a leading player in the app development field for many years and have produced efficient and reliable apps for a range of well-known brands. Why not take a look around our site and browse our portfolio today to get a better idea of what we can do for you? To find out more about how blockchain technology could benefit your app development activities, get in touch today.

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