The Joel Corry PT Fitness App

Joel Corry is a personal trainer, fitness model, radio presenter, reality TV star and athlete whose training app, Joel Corry PT, soared up the iTunes chart shortly after release, reaching #3 within just 24 hours. The app was created by Joel himself and includes a host of useful features including his very own training and diet plans, DJ mixes and his workout playlist.

Training plans, playlists and video demos

The app has received a plethora of five-star reviews from its users and is designed to help anyone meet their fitness targets. The training plans include multiple workouts for people from all muscles groups, training tips and video demos. Shred, maintain and leak bulk diet plans for men and women can be found in the app, as can diet tips and macros.

Music and fitness

Joel is qualified to Level 3 as a Personal Trainer and has been named a fitness model champion on three occasions. He has appeared on the cover of Muscle Health and Fitness and is also known for his musical passion, having DJ’d all over the world. A resident KISS FM presenter, he is also a busy music producer.

What to expect from the app

Download the app and you will see A-B images and video demonstrations of all exercises alongside diet plans tailored to your specific weight and goals. You can gain access to Joel’s Spotify playlist through the app and stream his sets. All the content is unlocked for you, and there are no additional charges to worry about. There are also several useful contact links featured in the app.

A varied training plan

Joel is renowned for his dedication towards fitness, never taking cheat days. In the past, he has spoken about the importance of mixing up exercise activities to avoid being stuck in a routine, changing his own regime every “three to four weeks”.  Joel DJs several times a week, using any spare time he has to produce music and make mixes.

Compliments from users

The app has been described by its users as ‘fantastic’ and ‘easy to use’, with many downloaders complimenting on its mix of music and fitness features. One user said it had given them ‘the head start I need’ and praised the variety of the exercises. Another user called it ‘one of the best fitness apps I have ever used’, with one satisfied downloader advising anyone considering entering ‘the fitness world to download this app’. Some users said they have experienced dissatisfaction with fitness apps in the past, but that the Joel Corry PT app met their needs perfectly.

How to download the app

The Joel Corry PT fitness app can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play. You can follow Joel Corry on all the leading social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud and many more.

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