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Locksub app – boosting locksmith job opportunities 

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Locksub has been designed for locksmiths seeking jobs in their area. Developed by the team at Appy Monkey, the app uses a geolocational system, allowing locksmiths to find new clients nearby to them instantly. Finding leads was once a difficult task for people working in this industry, with increased competition levels and high marketing costs presenting significant challenges.

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Locksub has made it so much easier

By removing many of the stumbling blocks locksmiths are faced with on a daily basis. Locksmiths can now get back to doing what they do best rather than worrying about advertising their business and finding jobs. Locksub can do the hard work for them, connecting them with potential clients within seconds.

Don’t miss out on locksmith jobs ever again

Locksub sends out push notifications to locksmiths to alert them of new jobs as soon as they’re advertised, making sure they become aware of local leads immediately. Missing out on jobs can be frustrating for locksmiths, but this app has made sure this is less likely to happen. Signing up to Locksub couldn’t be easier, with the registration process quick and straightforward. You can let users know they’re available for work by selecting the “available to accept jobs” button.

For Locksmiths

You can search for jobs in your area right away, with the app letting you find jobs according to various factors, such as lead price and job type. Once you accept a job, it’s yours, with leads only able to be purchased by one locksmith. You’ll receive all the required information, including the client’s address and phone number. You can then get in touch with them directly to discuss the details. Impressively, calls to customers can be made within the app. 

Become a Locksub subcontractor and sell leads

Locksub has a subcontractor mode, which means that locksmiths can choose to sell leads and jobs they’ve acquired. This can be useful if you’ve taken on more work than you can handle. The app lets you pass the work on to other locksmiths, enabling you to keep the client happy and avoid missing out on revenue. You can rest assured that the locksmiths you subcontract to will be experienced and qualified, providing a first-class service to your client.

With Locksub, you can win jobs, build your client base, and maximise your profits, helping your locksmith business to thrive in your local area. Locksub can seriously boost your job opportunities whilst allowing you the convenience of outsourcing work you’re unable to carry out.   

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Locksub has become the number one app for locksmiths, revolutionising one of the world’s oldest industries. Finding locksmith jobs no longer needs to be a difficult task, with this iOS and Android compatible app able to match you with hundreds of local locksmith opportunities every day. Filling your work diary has never been easier! If you’re interested in developing an app for your business, contact Appy Monkey to discuss your requirements.

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