All about the LockSub app

The new LockSub app offers a range of useful features for today’s locksmiths, connecting them with opportunities not just in their local areas, but nationwide and overseas. The app is designed to support any app seeking out new work and ensures they are alerted to new job openings as soon as they are made public.

Developed by professional locksmiths

The app has been developed by locksmiths and enables subcontractors to sell leads within moments, allowing local locksmiths to purchase them instantly and receive payment for the jobs once they are completed. High competition levels and rising advertising costs have presented considerable challenges to locksmiths over recent years, and the LockSub app has been designed to address this.

Instant notifications

When leads and jobs become available, locksmiths receive push notifications immediately. All locksmiths have to do once a job is completed is submit their invoice to receive payment. It’s free to sign up for the app, and it’s easy to select the area where jobs are required. If you are interested in selling leads, you simply need to apply to become a LockSub contractor. You can start posting leads as soon as you are approved. You can rest assured that the jobs will be completed by highly-experienced and professional local locksmiths. The app is designed to help locksmiths maximise profits, reduce costs and take advantage of more opportunities in their areas.

Supporting subcontractors, locksmiths and customers

Each lead and job posted to LockSub is entirely confirmed and consolidated. If you do decide to purchase a job, you can then get in touch with the customer to tell them what time you will attend their property and provide them with any other relevant information. The app delivers peace of mind to subcontractors, locksmiths and customers. When a lead is purchased, locksmiths receive all the information they require to carry out the job. Leads can only be purchased by one locksmith – buying a lead secures the work. Locksmiths can inform users they are ready to take on work by using the “available to accept jobs” button. You can use the app from wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection.

Hundreds of daily postings

Hundreds of jobs and leads are posted to LockSub each day. The app enables subcontractors to outsource jobs quickly and allows locksmiths to gain quick access to appropriate job opportunities, with customers also benefiting considerably and receiving updates as soon as they are available. LockSub offers a vital, valuable contribution to the locksmiths’ industry, enabling subcontractors to easily outsource tasks they are unable to complete themselves for any reason and pass valuable business on to other professionals. It’s easy to select jobs by factors such as lead price and job type, and calls to customers can be made directly from the app.

Download LockSub today

The app is currently available for users of the iOS and Android operating systems. The LockSub team can be found on Twitter and Instagram, and you can contact them by calling 03333 660708 or by sending a message to

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