More and more people are winning big with Superhero Tips Appy Monkey

More and more people are winning big with Superhero Tips

More and more people are winning big with Superhero Tips Appy Monkey

Superhero Tips has been helping people to enjoy massive wins after placing bets. The in-play football tipster service was developed by Appy Monkey and is one of the fastest-growing football tipster services on the market. Read on to find out more about how Superhero Tips was developed and how it met its original objectives.

More and more people are winning big with Superhero Tips Appy Monkey

What were Appy Monkey asked to do?

Appy Monkey were asked to develop a digital system that would enable users to receive a tip and place a bet almost immediately. It was essential that they were able to place their bets as quickly as possible due to the way odds can change so quickly within the live market. The app needed to be easy to navigate, and tips had to be clearly visible. The layout of the app needed to be free from clutter so new players could make sense of and start using the system right away. Also required was a chat facility that would allow users with similar aims and interests to easily communicate with each other.

What challenges were presented by the brief?

The brief was not without its challenges. For instance, users needed to be able to get a tip via a notification within the app. The user needed to be taken right to the tip in the app once they had clicked it. The app also required a 30-day trial period so customers who weren’t initially sure whether they wanted to go out could experiment with it first and see if it was right for them. This trial period also showed potential customers that the app actually worked and was efficient enough to help them meet their targets. We also needed to design an intuitive back-end system for mobile tipsters so they could tip from wherever they were in the world as long as they were connected to the internet.

More and more people are winning big with Superhero Tips Appy Monkey

More about the app

The app needed to appeal to the target users visually. We opted for a colourful and modern design that oozed professionalism to win the trust of customers and encourage them to download the app. We also coded a direct link from custom code and the details left by the tipsters so users could place bets almost immediately.

More and more people are winning big with Superhero Tips Appy Monkey
More and more people are winning big with Superhero Tips Appy Monkey

Getting started with the app

Those that are interested in making money via football bets can follow the system instructions in the hope of getting a big monthly return on investment. With 30 days of free tips, new users have a generous opportunity to see how the system operates and get to know it inside out before they risk anything. The chat facility allows users to make amazing new connections and receive updates on live games from seasoned tipsters. Users can even take a look through every tip ever sent so they can see how successful the system has been in the past and how it remains incredibly efficient today. Once a user has received a tip and clicked on it, they will be taken to that exact tip over on Bet 365 so they can place a bet if they wish to proceed.

An ever-improving service

Updates and tweaks are continually being made to improve the service even further. One example of this is the chat service, which has received several tweaks to enhance its functionality. The process of placing a tip has also been improved, ensuring those wishing to place bets don’t miss the tips.

More and more people are winning big with Superhero Tips Appy Monkey

Got an idea for an app? We can help

Superhero Tips has been one of our biggest success stories recently, with more and more players benefitting from it all the time. If you have a great idea for an app and are ready to bring it to reality, we would like to hear from you. At Appy Monkey, we have years of experience in developing incredibly exciting apps that add real value to people’s lives. We are based in the heart of London and serve ambitious and established brands from various industries. We have a fantastic reputation not only across the UK but in many other countries and are only happy when you are completely satisfied with the results that we have delivered for you.

Passionate mobile app specialists

Our seasoned mobile app developers are passionate about creating apps that stand out in a crowded marketplace and outshine the competition. We can be involved at each stage of the process, from initial brainstorming right through to delivering the app and making changes whenever they are required. We are more than happy to continue tweaking your app until it’s absolutely perfect for your target users, even making more changes as new opportunities are identified. What’s more is that we always deliver your project on time and within your budget.

More and more people are winning big with Superhero Tips Appy Monkey

What if I only have a vague idea of what I need?

Don’t worry if your objectives are still sketchy at this stage. We can use our incredible experience to brainstorm ideas with you until you have an app design to be proud of. There are so many great reasons for investing in an app development service, including enhancing your image and attracting more customers. Great apps can be fantastic for building brand awareness, introducing you to customers that may have never otherwise encountered your company. We are also here if you need help with monetising and marketing your app so it reaches as many people as possible.

Choose the perfect team for app development

At Appy Monkey, we have built the ideal team for app development. Our team consists of experts in iOS, Android and Windows app development, user experience optimisation specialists, marketing experts, content writers, project managers and more. Our diverse range of skill sets ensures we can assist you with your app development and marketing needs regardless of what they are. Why wait any longer to get in touch with Appy Monkey if you are ready to create an app that inspires your audience, attracts more customers and drives more sales?

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