The brand new Social Sports Manager App is here and ready to transform the way people advertise and share sporting events via their social media platforms.

Our research concludes that the majority of people eager to promote upcoming live games but are unable to find adequate time to do so. A common response was that without a dedicated graphic designer and social media manager, events were just not being shared as often as people wanted or even at all therefore leaving the business social pages without current and relevant information and the target customers in the dark.

Social Sports Manager (SSM) solves all the common problems found by our research eliminating the need for expensive graphic designers and social media managers, combining everything you will need to get your social timelines active and up to date.

SSM has 4 simple features set to revolutionise and simplify the promotion of events for numerous types of business.

Feature is the template feature, it gives the user the opportunity to build an eye catching piece of artwork with just a few simple steps. After they choose the Sport, Country and Competition they are then given the chance to add Teams, Time and Date. Once this  process is complete the artwork is automatically produced and ready to share. It’s that quick !

At the sharing stage the user can write a caption, tag people or add a location if they choose before they post to multiple social media all at the same time such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. ( Pintrest, tumblr, LinkedIn, swarm, Vk adding in the future) With more than 10 different sports, 15 different countries and 100 leagues or competitions to choose from you will be sure you can create the perfect piece of artwork from the simple template feature.

This brings us nicely to the next game changing feature, the Calendar.

Here you will find a comprehensive list of upcoming sporting fixtures ranging from football, rugby union, rugby league, cricket and so on. Once you select a fixture the complete artwork will be built automatically and ready to share immediately. Here you can add a logo or some custom text if you choose, or just go straight to the standard sharing screen. In addition to having the option to post now, you can also schedule posts into the future.

In order for 100% of your social audience to see your posts It’s been said  that you have to post the same post up to 3 different times. Future scheduling has some great features meaning you can post the same artwork up to 5 times at once. Post now, 2,4 and 6 hours before the event and also choose a specific time and date. Thus guaranteeing your followers will never miss a post.

The third feature of Social Sports Manager is the Update feature. ( great additional feature that dale added) The update feature is for all general social updates, whether it’s a simple status update, tweet or even a Instagram post. Take a live picture of use an image from your gallery, be rest assured that using the fantastic sharing options you will engage your target audience accordingly.

Last but not least is the 4th and final feature, Create. ( rubbish feature that Mike insisted on and hopes to win a 1 euro bet on in two years time) This feature is all about creating something from scratch just simply filling in the blanks. Upload a custom background or choose one from the built in list then add all your details. This includes team badges, logos and custom text and you are set to go.

Plan and schedule your posts days, weeks or even months in advance and check or edit anytime with “my schedule” which will display all your future posts in one place in date order.

As you can read from the details above you can surly agree that SSM will play a key role in the future in event advertising. Even your regular customers need reminding of what’s coming up and the benefit of active, current and up to date social feeds keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

Download for free from you chosen App Store.

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