The growing success of Social Sports Manager

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Social Sports Manager is an exciting sports listings app that’s now reaching millions of people each month. The app has been one of Appy Monkey’s biggest successes so far and is the perfect facility for letting the public know about forthcoming sports events. If you need to keep your followers updated about exciting sports events that you have lined up and want to provide them with the very latest team information, this app is for you.

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Several exciting features

The app has a simple design that allows users to get to grips with it in no time at all. Sports Social Manager comes with a range of amazing features, including What’s on TV, Fixture Template, Result, Player of the Match, Team Sheet and Create. The app is also fantastic for pubs and bars looking for a simple way to show customers which televised sports matches they have lined up so they can secure more visits and sales in future days and weeks. 

Find the latest information with What’s on TV

With What’s on TV, users can see a list of all popular televised live sports events. Anyone who visits venues like bars and pubs and wants to know where they can watch the match can benefit from this feature. The most popular games are listed each day so you can share them on all your social media pages. The app also includes information about which channels the match is being shown on so you don’t even need to go searching for these details.

what's on TV
Fixture Templates

Create league listings with the Fixture Template

This feature has been designed to help you create fixture images for hundreds of leagues around the world that aren’t already listed in the calendar. This is ideal for anyone who wants to list information and dates about more obscure sporting events. With this facility, you can create a listing for any sport, any league and any country with ease. More and more leagues are set to be added in the near future until the entire world of sporting fixtures is covered. This feature makes it easier to list information not only for international leagues but amateur and grassroots teams. Leagues are being added to the app every day, allowing all kinds of amateur clubs and sporting organisations to publish details about their events and get the professional look that helps them compete with the biggest names.

Post results with ease

This facility makes publishing results and details like goal scorers a breeze. Postgame results straight to social media to keep followers in the loop. Add home and away team, publish the result and including information such as goal scorers and times so your followers can stay up to date with the very latest developments.

Post Results
Player Of the Match

Create league listings with the Fixture Template

If there’s news about a Player of the Match to publish, you can also send this information out to your followers. You can also add an image of the player alongside their name. This gives you another great reason to communicate with your followers on social media and ensure you maintain a strong presence on their feed.

Publish team sheets

This feature simplifies the process of publishing a team sheet, giving you enough space for 15 players per side. This feature is perfect for a wide range of sports including cricket, football, rugby league and rugby union. You can even add details such as manager names, the location of the match and team badge images. Those that opt for the Pro version of Sports Social Manager can even save their team information and make it even quicker and simpler to publish their team sheets for future matches.

Team Sheet
Team Info

Create team info

If you’re ready to create exciting designs that will look fantastic on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the Create feature is for you. All you need to do is upload an existing image or start from scratch. You’ll then need to upload your badges, team names and so on.

Pro Feature

Exclusive Pro features

Users that decide to upgrade to a Pro account gain access to several extra features. Manage Profile allows you to add much more information to your profile. Details that you supply can also be added to your details and captions. These details include bespoke text, hashtags and logos. If you’re likely to use the same information on multiple posts, this will save you a great deal of time. Another feature that will cut down the amount of time you need to spend on managing your page is Manage Team. With this feature, you can have your team information automatically added to your team sheet, so you don’t need to start from scratch each time. You can also remove the ads and Social Sports Manager branding that are placed onto your final images if you opt for a Pro account.

Feedback for the app

The app has been described as “brilliant” and “so easy to use” by reviewers. One reviewer said they had seen other sports teams using our app to promote their upcoming features so decided to do the same and are now using Social Sports Manager on a weekly basis. We are incredibly proud of how successful Social Sports Manager has become so far. If you do have any queries about Social Sports Manager or have a great idea for an app that you need us to bring to life, don’t hesitate to get in touch as soon as possible.

I use this app for many of my favourite clubs matches. It is very helpful and also the fact it is free makes it way easier. I love it because you can freely make a fixture or result for any football team. I hope many others use this app because it is truly amazing.

Dawn Williams
Appy Monkey

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