Why is my app being abandoned?

Companies across the world are still seeing their apps abandoned despite having poured a great deal of investment into them. In fact, it’s said that around 19 out of every 20 mobile apps are downloaded then forgotten forever. So, how we ensure as many people are possible are making regular use of our apps?

Poor customer experience

One of the main reasons apps are abandoned is that downloaders just don’t get into the habit of using them. This means that the user experience needs to be optimised and the value of your app needs to be immediately obvious. Users need to find worth in your app from the very first time they open it. You can make this happen by understanding your customers’ needs and ensuring you are providing the right solution to their problem. Notifications could be marked with a beep to ensure updates win the attention of users.

Hard to use

It’s vital that your app is as easy-to-use as possible. It needs to offer quick solutions, and users must be able to find what they are looking for quickly. Confusing, badly laid-out apps are almost always destined to be abandoned, so make sure everything is as simple and clear as it can be. It could be worth interviewing would-be customers about what they would want from an app so you can gain a strong understanding of their needs and start addressing them effectively.

Low app awareness

It’s a good idea to encourage in-app purchases on the first visit. One way to do this is to offer discounts, which will make them more likely to buy your products or services in future. Reminding people your app exists after they have downloaded it is crucial. Large storage space can lead to people downloading scores of apps onto their devices, leading to the presence of your app being forgotten even if the download hasn’t been deleted.

Poor security standards

Push notifications (not too many) can help maintain app awareness, as can regular mentions of it online. Apps that crash can destroy the customer experience, as can worries about security when purchasing products. Make sure your app doesn’t access data like contact and calendar information, location or send sensitive data to other companies as these can obliterate trust in your company. It’s essential that we don’t underestimate how much app abandonment can affect companies negatively.

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