We are a fresh & vibrant mobile application development studio based in the UK. Still relatively new to the industry, but quickly gaining recognition as an up and coming app company in London and the surrounding counties.


The creative bods at Appy Monkey are an excitable lot! Packed to the brim with an experienced team of seasoned mobile app developers. Every one of them is passionate about designing, developing and managing, stunning smart phone (and tablet) Applications. Our approach is like no other. From the very beginning, Appy Monkey has got you covered. We strategically plan and design functioning UX/UI, implement front-end development, integrate back-end management, test, tweak and improve EVERYTHING until its perfect. Delivering Project after Project – On time, On Budget and On Point!


Our Experienced Team

The members of our team come from a number of different disciplines. iOS, Android & Windows developers, mobile web developers, designers, user interface (UX/UI) experts, marketing creatives, video producers, content writers, ASO consultants, project managers and business directors. This diverse range of skill sets enable us a create apps for multi platform devices. Including the iphone, ipad, ipod touch, android, windows phone, Blackberry and MORE. We’ve even moved into developing Facebook apps recently. Currently our main focus can be split up into 3 different catorgories…

Small Business Apps

Mobile App Developers in London Appy MonkeyUntil recently app development was restricted to the huge corporations, game developers, entrepreneurs and high level investors. But those days have gone! Shops, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Gyms, Garages, Schools, Event Organisers Etc are beginning to use apps to build brand awareness and deliver vital information. Whilst also updating, engaging, rewarding and retaining their customers.


We have developed a platform that enables us to quickly build fully functioning apps using a cleverly designed modular system. By having access to a library of pre-built features, we can piece together an app in a matter of weeks (rather than months). Making it extremely cost effective for small businesses with small budgets to own an app.
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Custom Apps

Mobile App Developers in London Appy MonkeyGot an idea for an App? Perhaps it’s something that will enhance your current business, services or products. Perhaps it’s an idea for a brand new business… That revolves around an app?? Perhaps you just want to turn your online store into an app? Whatever the reason… you’ve got an idea & we’re here to help make it into a reality.
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Our Own Apps

Mobile App Developers in London Appy MonkeyWe encourage our team to constantly push new boundaries! Get creative, get dirty, experiment, invent and innovate. And that’s exactly why we’ve developed our share based scheme for staff. Allowing the pure talent to shine through in our in-house projects and rewarding the guys at the same time.
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Get In Contact Today

Our friendly and approachable Business Directors are here to help you realise and reach your app needs. We won’t confuse you with technical jargon. We’ll get straight to the point and talk about YOUR business! Contact us today for a no obligation consultancy with a member of our team.


“We Take a Small Seed & Grow a Spectacular Tree!! We don’t just take an idea and build it. We DEVELOP it! We analyse, brainstorm and improve EVERY aspect of an idea. From conception to delivery… It’s in our interest to create the very best project possible. That’s what sets us apart from the other app companies out there…”