The VANR App is a state of the art cutting edge product that we took right from conception to creation.

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When the customer came to us they came with a logistics delivery app idea and wanted to call it something completely different. The idea was to provide an app for a delivery company that worked on a live and advanced booking method. They would not use their own vehicles to carry out the deliveries but use other people’s VANS (similar to how Uber operate).

The app was to have two sides to it:-

1) Users – The people that would use the app to get their goods delivered.

2) Drivers – The actual people that owned Vans to carry out the deliveries.

Users would benefit from a very easy to use App enabling them to transport what they wanted quicker than using conventional delivery methods like the Royal Mail or UPS. Drivers could be anyone with a Van that wanted to earn some extra money, however, they would have to go through a simple verification process to get them set up. With nothing like this existing on the market we needed to make sure we produced the best product possible!


So we started with the branding and realised that the original name was not the best for the App. So we went through the logo brainstorming and creation stage and came up with what I’m sure you will agree is a very strong brand.

Slogan – Your Live Delivery


With the branding sorted we then started to create the flow of the app so that we could visualise exactly how each area would work and how you would navigate round the app. With both the users and drivers we needed to consider many elements of how each of them would interact. This included sign up, account verification, notification, bookings, directions via sat nav, confirmations, payments, and much much more. The challenge here was to make the app as simple as possible but at the same time contain all the necessary functionality for a process this complex.


Once we had the flow in place we started creating the UI/UX of all the pages involved. Each page was designed to make the user experience as intuitive as possible. For example the 4 digit confirmation code.

Micro Site

The micro site was designed with the purpose of directing users to the relevant stores to download the apps. Important – it was also to create a pre-launch hype to get awareness out there coupled with the social media channels as it was of vital importance to have already recruited Drivers before the launch of the service. Videos were also produced to get people excited and here are examples of the videos produced.


With so many parts that needed managing and controlling it was essential that we built an Admin system that made sure this could happen with ease. Managing Super Admin, Admin, Users and drivers is all under one CMS. The functionality includes;

User Management, Driver Management, Invoicing, Permissions, Rate Control, Terms & Privacy Management etc


We integrated the latest future authorization payment methods available via Visa, Master Card, Brain Tree and PayPal ensuring that this App could be used again and again without having to re register their payment details making the use of it seem effortless.

Server Architecture

To ensure that this App has the best uptime and performance speed wise it was also important that we set it up with the latest server architecture available.

Tech Spec

For MVP (Minimal Viable Product) the requirement was IOS and Android.

The finished Product

The VANR App is now live and providing an amazing Live Delivery service. Here you can see some of the actual VANS with the branding we created on.

VANR Appy Monkey
VANR Appy Monkey