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AAA showcase creators who provide real value to their audience.

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The brief was to design an app that allows individuals to access unique content not found anywhere else by creators


The biggest challenge was designing an app that a Content Creator could easily upload unique content to on the go. Allowing them to send a message me live function while at an event or backstage for example. For the user, we designed an app that had a very simple to access design. We designed a simple home screen where all media that the user has subscribed to is shown in a clean modern design. A search screen where new creators content can be found and a subscriptions screen to manage all subscriptions.

AAA Mobile App

Mobile app for regular users and content creators

AAA Web App

Web app for regular users and content creators

AAA Website

Marketing website to acquire users

Logo & Identity

AAA is a very simple concept. The AAA logo suggests clearly that the content is exclusive and uniquely available to those who are subscribed.

AAA Logo
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Our Solution

We designed AAA using flutter which is a cross-platform software for both IOS and Android. It integrates into both stores for subscriptions. Subscriptions are in tiers for users, higher tiers access more unique services such as one to one messaging.

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Mobile app

AAA delivers premium quality images and videos by uploading all material without compressing original files.

AAA UI - For Content Creators

For Regular Users

AAA App Login
AAA App Search
AAA App Story
AAA App Home
AAA App Search Type
AAA App Subscribed Content Creator
AAA App Saved Content
AAA App Comment
AAA App Notifications
AAA App Content Creator Live
AAA App Message Typed
AAA App View Video
AAA App Profile
AAA App Message off

For Content Creators

AAA Creator App Home
AAA Creator App - Add Music 2
AAA Creator App - Add Content
AAA Creator App - Add Text 1
AAA App Creator Insights
AAA Creator App - Add Video 1
AAA Creator App - Add Text 2
AAA Creator App - Add Video 2
AAA Creator App - Add Music 1
AAA App Creator Message


Build a stronger connection between you and the content creator

MY AAA is a new mobile app designed to help build stronger connections between content creators and their audiences. AAA showcase creators who provide real value to their audience.

  • Search your favourite content creator.
  • Subscribe to them and access their exclusive content.
  • Chat with your subscribed content creator.
AAA App Individual User
AAA App Creator


A creator first content with No Ads, No Spam and No trolls

This is the easiest way to showcase your content to your valuable subscribers.

  • Add your content in Audio, Video or Text.
  • See Insights of your subscribers and revenue
  • Activate or disable chat for your subscribers

Web App

Web app created for the content creators and individual users

AAA Logo Light
AAA Web Home
AAA Web Creator Home
AAA Web Creator Login
AAA Web Creator Add Content

Technology Stack

AAA Technology Stack

Since the Launch

Since the launch, we have continued to develop AAA by adding design updates and new features such as podcasts and music uploads by Content Creators.

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