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Deer Sleep is a rest, sleep and mediation app crafted to help build a calm space for its users

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We were asked to create an app that glows and gradually changes colour alongside the soundscape as well as develop each soundtrack with a continuous loop without compromising sound quality


Our biggest challenge was working to achieve the continuous loop in way that would not affect the quality of the soundtracks produced

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Mobile App to deliver the right experience

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Logo & Identity

Deer have long been woven into human consciousness, they are in ancient palaeolithic cave paintings. This was the initial inspiration from the client who wanted to develop an app that was striking yet calming at the same time. Each deer was chosen to be a striking and unique colour that linked to the sound. We designed an app with a unique background that was unique and instantly recognisable.

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Our Solution

We tested many music players that did not compromise sound quality by compression of the noise whilst also not requiring the user to access the files by using up lots of data. We needed to achieve this on both IOS and Android. Many engineer hours went into testing the quality of the sound.

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Mobile app

Noise loops & colour ambiences crafted to quieten a hurting brain.

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Find your ideal sound from the 7 specially designed tracks

Select the track depending on your mood / situation

  • You can use Deersleep to relax in the day, help you sleep or simply provide a calm space in a busy environment
  • Once the app is downloaded all tracks play instantly and will never be disrupted by the loss of reception/data
  • Set a timer for how long you want to rest for
  • The app is optimised to use a little data and time when downloaded for the first time
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Technology Stack

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Since the Launch

The App is now published on both iOS and Android stores. DeerSleep is at the formative stages of launching into an already crowded market place so right now the marketing campaign is about brand awareness and educating the potential users on what sets it apart from other apps. The key to this will be building up excellent reviews in both app stores.

Deersleep unique approach to rest and relaxation through music and light sets it apart from all competition in this marketplace.

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