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Bujex is a super smart looking easy to use EXPENSES APP

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With lot’s of people not knowing how much cash they have we created a smart looking app that help the user understand the breakdown of the salary they’ve earned and how much they can spend until your next pay day.


Normally managing ones finances is a complex time consuming ordeal and its even more complicated to calculate your daily spending potential. Bujex needed to be produced with all of this in mind to take the headache of personal finance away when there are already so many other pressures in daily life.

The challenge was to make sure you can add what you earn on a regular basis, track your spending and then readjust your allowances for the next days to come.

So with the challenge of producing a simple platform we also had to think about the infrastructure that supported the business to help it grow.

Bujex Mobile phone app developer

Mobile App (iOS and Android) for Bujex

Bujex microsite and app marketing

Marketing website for Bujex to acquire customers

Bujex Admin System development

Admin system for Bujex to manage everything in the backend

Logo & Identity

The name ‘Bujex’ was derived from the two words ‘Budget’ and ‘Expenses’ and true to the cool new names for businesses we thought this encapturing the mission of the app without needing additional words. With that in mind we also felt that colours were important to give the feel of finances with a very prominent ‘banking style’ blue coupled with red that indicates you are in areas with finances.

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Our Solution

With a lot of finance apps already in the market one of our biggest challenges was to make sure the flow of all the user journeys are very easy and intuitive. We had to consider what was the process of easily adding the details and then keeping them up to date.

How it works: Once you get paid open Bujex and follow the on-screen instructions which includes adding what outgoing fixed costs you have to also take into consideration. You will then know your spending potential every day, until the next payday. Every time you spend additional cash  you then enter it into Bujex so it can track your progress and advise you on your allowances for days to come. This way of managing finances also mean you naturally become more thrifty with you expense approach so the end goal is to actually save your hard earned money.

To help people keep on track with spending every morning a push notification is sent to the user  telling them exactly what they can spend for that day.

Sticking to your daily and fixed predictions is rewarding. Many of our customers have already used the Beta version and have greatly benefited by being able to save a portion of their salary!

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Mobile app

See our simple interface to manage your finances on a daily basis.

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Bujex Dashboard Animation
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Bujex Select Currency
Bujex Fixed Expenses
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Bujex Frequency of Payment
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Bujex when get paid
Bujex Memebership
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Bujex Safe to Spend
Bujex Settings


Find how much money is safe to spend

See exactly what your daily allowance is

  • Enter your salary and frequency of payment
  • Enter your fixed expenses
  • Get a morning PUSH with what you can spend
  • Enter everything you spend that day
Bujex Safe to Spend Group
Bujex Dashboard Group


Check the sum of total savings

Check out your history of spending

  • See a summary of what you have spent 
  • Track days, weeks months and years
  • Switch between different summary views 
  • See what you have saved!

Technology Stack

Bujex Technology Stack

Since the Launch

The App is now published on both iOS and Android stores. Bujex is at the formative stages of launching into an already crowded market place so right now the marketing campaign is about brand awareness and educating the potential users what sets it apart from other apps.

It’s now a truly exciting time for Bujex with its unique approach to expense management.

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