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The Snore Doctor allows users to record sleep and see results in the morning.

The Snore Doctor

The brief was to design an app that would be easy to access as a user


The biggest challenge was technically recording sleep/snoring and managing to show this in a meaningful way to the user given the sheer amount of data points recorded during a nights sleep.

Mobile App (iOS and Android) for The Snore Doctor

Snore Marketing Website

Marketing website for The Snore Doctor to inform users

Snore Admin System

Admin app for the doctors

Logo & Identity

Identity was key here, we came up with the snore doctor. The idea was to focus on how to improve sleeping issues through diagnosis as well as identify sleeping problems. The app can be used by anyone but it will be used specifically by Vik Veer’s patients. Vik is an ENT doctor and has a private practice on Harley Street in London.

Our Solution

The main solution was to allow users to tag things to each nights sleep, so caffeine or alcohol for example. Along with using a graph to visually show the sleep data a user can see and compare how tags affect sleep.

Mobile app

Designed in flutter using ios and android

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Snoring detector app on your phone

This app allows you to record your snoring at night and see the results in the morning.

  • Record and save your snoring data or share it with friends, family or doctor
  • See your average snoring levels over several days or weeks so you can get a better idea of snoring
  • Each night can be tagged so you can see later if alcohol, stress, a mandibular advancement device etc, really does affect your snoring levels over multiple nights.
Snoring Detector App
How to Use the App


Easiest way to record your snoring

Just a few easy steps to save your snoring data

  • Just place your phone next to your bed (in the same position every night to keep the data consistent)
  • For accuracy, the app will calibrate itself by measuring the background noise level first
  • And then press record.

Technology Stack

The Snore Doctor Technology Stack

Since the Launch

The app has just launched and is used by Vik’s patients.

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