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Findsec Security Recruitment App is the easiest way to apply for Security Jobs and at the same time find the best staff for Security Companies

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We have been asked to create an app for Security Guards and Security Companies where Security Guards can create a profile and easily find and apply for matching jobs. Also the Security Companies can post jobs to find best employees across the country.


Normally it’s a time consuming ordeal for a Security Professional to find a job and at the same time finding the right personnel for the companies is not straight forward. So our challenge was to produce a platform that allowed the two to challenges to be a lot more simple.

We also had to think about the infrastructure that supports the business from a marketing perspective and also the day to day management of the company. With this in mind our objective was to fully cover the four areas highlighted below.

FindSec Mobile app small phone

Mobile App for Security Guards & Security Companies

FindSec website development

Web App specially made for Security Companies

FindSec microsite and app marketing

Marketing website and directory for Security Companies

FindSec admin system development

Admin system for Findsec to manage everything in the backend

Logo & Identity

So first what to call the project and it we decided that putting the the two words ‘FIND’ and ‘SEC’ (Security shortened) together easily explained what the App does.

With the Logo and the branding we had to make sure that the type of business was easily identifiable and at the same time give a fresh and vibrant feel to the colours and font. You can see that the badge is a stereotypical symbol for a security guard and the location icon in the middle represents the geo locational aspect of the platform we were going to create.

FindSec logo vertical
FindSec logo horizontal

Our Solution

Having many different areas to this app meant that one of our biggest challenges was to make sure the flow of all the user journeys are very easy and intuitive. We had to consider what the sign up process was and what to ask the security guards at an early stage in using the app so that we got the necessary information required and at the same time didn’t make the app feel like we were ‘giving someone homework’ and thus prevent them from proceeding further with registration. Basically not to lose potential users by over complicating things!

This same logic needed to be applied to the Security Company’s registration process and we quickly realised that Security companies would also need a web app to properly manage multiple listings and profiles.

FindSec light logo

Mobile app

See our simple interface to find jobs for Security Guards and use the in-built messaging system.

FindSec security guard animation
FindSec security company animation
FindSec mobile app splash screen
FindSec mobile app chat screen
FindSec mobile app membership
FindSec mobile app login screen
FindSec mobile app profile screen
FindSec mobile app my jobs
Findsec mobile app job details
FindSec mobile app user profile
FindSec mobile app edit profile
FindSec mobile app job statistics


Find & Apply for jobs easily

Experience job searching on your mobile phone like never before

  • Create your professional profile and browse jobs near you
  • Directly apply for jobs from the list
  • Chat with Security companies
  • Boost your career opportunities
FindSec security guards group
FindSec security company group


Easily search for Security Professionals

Experience a recruitment process like never before

  • Create and manage your company profile
  • Post your open jobs with necessary details
  • Chat and Shortlist the candidates
  • Track job activity

Security Company Web App

See the Web App created for Security Companies to help them manage everything easily and from one platform

FindSec light logo
FindSec webapp animation
FindSec webapp edit profile
FindSec webapp search people
FindSec webapp job statistics
FindSec webapp profile


For Security Guards & Companies

A marketing website to explain the purpose of Findsec and the benefits to both Security Guards and Security Companies.

FindSec marketing site
FindSec website directory


Directory of Security Companies

The Findsec Microsite has an exclusive directory of registered Security Companies and lists the details to browse.

Technology Stack

FindSec technology stack

Business cards

Obviously the Findsec Security Recruitment App needs to have a professional presence and the business made a decision to have business cards designed that left an exclusive feel to anyone that was presented with one.

More marketing material is to be produced using the same branding etc.

FindSec business cards

Since the Launch

Once the development and QA was completed we helped to publish the app in the Android and iOS app stores. The successful app also has a screenshots that demonstrate the app and USP very clear on the App Store screenshots. We helped Findsec to create that and take the app one step closer to achieve the goal.

It’s now a very exciting time for the fresh company with its unique approach to recruitment.

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