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Love At First Swipe is a cutting edge Dating App packed full of new features never seen before in the dating world.

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The Online dating industry is currently booming BUT it’s a fairly crowded market place so we had to make sure we delivered an App that set itself apart with amazing new features the main ones being ‘NO SCREEN SHOTS’ and ‘AUTO DELETE’ messages.


When we were considering the new features to add we had to think about what people really want when they are trying to find love in their life. Obviously discretion is a major factor so we considered what would really make people have confidence and feel safe in adding profile that could be seen by millions of other singles.

Combining all the new features with an easy to use interface was key whilst at the same time keeping the app intuitive so it felt familiar and second nature to use. One of the biggest reasons for other dating app success stories is customer retention so making the app fun and mildly addictive was also part of the strategy.

Love at First Swipe Mobile phone app developer

Mobile App of Love at First Swipe for user to find their love

Love at First Swipe microsite and app marketing

Marketing Website for Love at First Swipe to tell the world about the features

Love at First Swipe admin development

Admin system for Love at First Swipe to manage everything in the backend

Logo & Identity

Branding wise the task was very straight forward once the name ‘Love At First Swipe’ had been decided on and the initial feedback we received was amazing. The brand is obvious to its purpose and playful in its nature.

The logo was a little more tricky with several variations considered but the consensus was a ‘Love Heart’ and a ‘Arrow’ indicating a swipe motion. The other aim was to bring an element of class to the brand and a so white, gold, grey and black colour palette was used throughout.

Love at First Swipe horizontal logo
Love at First Swipe vertical logo
Love at First Swipe icon logo

Our Solution

Simplicity is always key these days, however, the challenge was to incorporate the new features and make sure the user journeys were still intuitive. So the user flow was crucial and we spent a lot of time thinking about how we could maximise the UI.

The other vital part to get right was introducing the new features like the ‘no screen shots’ and ‘auto delete messages’ as they weer employing new technology that need to be carefully considered so that the app speed was not compromised.

With Apple new making it mandatory that it’s mandatory to add their login details we had to also make the registration logic easy to navigate.

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Mobile app

Here are a few screens that demonstrate the internal workings of the App.

Love at First Swipe animation
Love at First Swipe its match
Love at First Swipe Splash Screen
Love at First Swipe Tutorial-2
Love at First Swipe Love Swipe
Love at First Swipe Home Page Screen Shot
Love at First Swipe login
Love at First Swipe Tutorial-3
Love at First Swipe Its a Match Screen Shot
Love at First Swipe Profile
Love at First Swipe Tutorial -1
Love at First Swipe Tutorial-4
Love at First Swipe No Screenshot
Love at First Swipe Filter
Love at First Swipe Profile
Love at First Swipe Messages
Love at First Swipe Chat


No Screenshots & Auto Delete

Brand new features to enhance the user experience

  • Create your profile and search for other single people
  • Use the app to decide who you like
  • Start to chat with your matches
  • No screen shots protect the identity of the users
Love at First Swipe Privacy
Love at First Swipe Reverse Decision


Reverse your Decision

Changed your mind? You can reverse your decision

  • All your decisions go into two lists
  • The Meet and the Pass list
  • You can move someone from one to another
  • Match and chat with your Meet list


A microsite to showcase the features

A marketing website to explain the features of ‘Love At First Swipe’ and the links to download the apps from the respective app stores.

Love at First Swipe Marketing Website

Technology Stack

Love at First Swipe technology-stack

Since the Launch

With lots of people waiting for the app to go live when it finally arrived it was no disappointment.  There were several launch parties that were star-studded and a number of celebrities have endorsed.

Right now we are working on the next phase of new features which will make the app even more of a industry leader – watch this space!

FindSec appstore link
FindSec google play link

Marketing Material

After the launch of the app marketing is the key, marketing begun with some different ways and we helped in marketing with creating flyers of new feature launching of video call in app.

Love at First Swipe Flyer