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Meya Meditation App brings a new new approach combining electronic music with inspirational words.

The MEYA app uses the power of EDM to focus the mind allowing the inspirational and motivating words to deliver into the subconscious mind which helps people to unleash their hidden talents and become the best version of them self. This is called “Alchemy”.


Meya brings guided sessions to be able to meditate in roughly 10 minutes to leave you feeling relaxed and energised. These life changing tracks really do put your way of thinking into a different perspective.

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Mobile App to deliver the right experience

Meya microsite and app marketing

A supporting Website

Meya Admin System development

Back end Admin system to add and manage the tracks

Logo & Identity

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Mobile app

See the simple interface to navigate through the App and listen to the tracks.

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Bringing the power of music to meditation

Experience a fantastic user experience via the App

  • New music & meditation tracks added monthly
  • Tag your favourites 
  • Integrated with Apple Health to track mindful minutes
  • Free version available 
Meya Mobile App Beyond Meditation
Meya Mobile app Journey


Journeys to master your mind

Complete variety of categories to choose from 

  • Guided breathing sessions 
  • A choice of affirmations
  • 432Hz Music Library
  • Premium subscription available


See the beautiful Website created by Meya to help deliver the message and show the merchandise available.

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Technology Stack

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Download the App

Once you have downloaded the Meya Meditation App it will transform the way you approach your meditation. 

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