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Party App brings an amazing easy to use app that lets users find the nearest and busiest night club or bar no matter where they are in the world.

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We have been asked to create an easy to use app for finding the best parties in town. Quickly search for the night club or bar that plays your sort of music.


Finding where to go on a night out can be tough and sometimes you don’t know what to expect until you get there. So we had to come up with a solution so that the users could easily search for clubs and bars and in ‘Real Time’ see how many people are at the venues and see up to date messages about whats going on inside.

We also had the work out a way for the Club and Bar owners to be able to update the capacity and send messages by way of a ‘Live Feed’. With this in mind our objective was to fully cover the four areas highlighted below.

Party App Mobile phone app developer

2 Mobile Apps – one for Users & one for Club Owners

Party App website development

Web App specially made for Club and Bar Owners

Party App microsite and marketing

Marketing website and to promote the features of the Party App

Party App Admin System development

CMS/Admin system for Party App to manage the business

Logo & Identity

‘Party App’ was decided on as the name for it as it’s intention is to make this an international app and ‘Party’ is a word that is recognised around the world.

We needed to use a fresh Logo and went for vibrant colours with a modern gradient and font to make sure that the type of business was easily identifiable. The use of a dark background was also agreed to make the branding really stand out as you can see below.

Party App Logo
Party App Club Owner Logo

Our Solution

Obviously one of the main challenges was delivering two apps. One a geo locational app that shows all the Clubs and Bars in either 1) the closest location or 2) another specific address and the second for the owners so they could update the status of the venue in real time. Creating the USP of a real time ‘Live Feed’ and the ability to update the capacity meant this app was going to stand out from the rest and no other app was currently having these features.

The wireframes had to be detailed enough for effective development and also think about an intuitive flow for all the user journeys.

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Mobile app

See our simple interface to find the nearest Club or Bar with filter options for preferred music.

Party App Mobile app Clubbers Animation
Party App Mobile app Clubs animation
Party App Mobile app Splash
Party App Mobile App Preferences
Party App Mobile App Rating
Party App Mobile App Login
Party App Mobile app Map view
Party App Mobile App Home
Party App Location
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Search Clubs & Events

Experience an easy to use app that delivers the perfect results

  • See the list of Clubs and Bars near you
  • Change your location to see other cities¬†
  • See the up to date ‘Live Feed’
  • View all the venues on a map
Party App Search


Book Clubs & Events Easily

Get access to the hottest tickets and events

  • Find and book tickets
  • Select the number of tickets you need
  • Get the digital confirmation on your phone


Post ‘Live’ updates from the Club Owners app

A separate app created for Club Owners

  • Send info about the venue using the ‘Live Feed’
  • Update the capacity of the club in real time
  • Send info about the VIP area and availability¬†
  • Add and see tickets for the events
Party App clubs group

Club Owner’s Web App

The Club Owners Web App was created for the bars and clubs to easily manage their business from one simple platform

Party App Light Logo
Party App Web app Animation
Party App Web Signup


For clubbers to find clubs and events

A marketing website to explain the purpose of Party App and the benefits to both users and  club and bar owners.

Party App Marketing Site
Party App Events Clubs List


List of Clubs & Events

The Party App site also shows a directory of Bars and Clubs and lists the details to browse. It also shows the event info and how to buy tickets.

Technology Stack

Party App technology stack

Business cards

Business cards were created to give out when partnering with Clubs and Bars – see the fresh and funky design below. More marketing material including flyers etc are to be produced using the same branding etc.

Party App Business Cards

Since the Launch

The app was published to the app stores and now is going through UAT. Initial feedback is very strong especially with its USP’s of the ‘Live Feed’.

Party app is expecting to get a great amount of traction in the coming months as it grows and expands internationally.

FindSec appstore link
FindSec google play link

Marketing Material

After the launch of the app marketing is the key, marketing begun with some different ways and we helped in marketing with creating flyers of launching the app for clubbers and club owners

Party App Flyer Presentation