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Rockerbox is an app that provides unique content from all over the world for 8-11 years old.

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The brief was to design an app that would be easy to navigate as a young user, has a fun design and some great features to keep the user engaged.


The biggest challenge was designing an app that a young person who may have just got their first phone can use. We used just three home buttons, a simple search button and easy to access stories.

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Mobile App (iOS and Android) for Rockerbox News

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Marketing website for Rockerbox News to inform users

Logo & Identity

Rockerbox is a traditional gold mining implement that separates gold nuggets from gravel. Rockerbox is unique in its design and identity, providing stories which are genuine rare nuggets from around the world.

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Our Solution

We designed Rockerbox with parents and children in mind using flutter which is a cross-platform software for both IOS and Android. It integrates into both stores for subscriptions and provides a teachers portal to manage student subscriptions.

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Mobile app

Individually written and created articles from all over the world tailored to inspire 8 – 11 years old

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With Rockerbox News, reading is personalised, impactful, and fun

  • With Rockerbox News, your child can become a confident, independent reader and a global citizen.
  • Edited and levelled according to the UK Key Stage 2 curriculum (8-11-year-olds), Rockerbox News offers fun and important global topics you’ll never find on your average news website or magazine for kids.
  • 100% ad-free and KidSafe Listed, keeping kids safe while empowering them to be curious.
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Technology Stack

Rockerbox News Technology Stack

Since the Launch

Since the launch we have continued to develop Rockerbox by adding a specific schools link, this work will be completed and live soon.

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