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WiK is an app where knowledge tests can be taken in a game / timed environment to aid staff training.

The brief was to design an app that would allow staff to complete statutory training no matter where they are located. We were asked to design a game style questioning format that gave the element of fun but also fed back the results to the users so they can see what they answered well and not so well. This would highlight training areas to complete if any gaps were evident. The results can be shared through a downloadable file or also through the apps CMS system.


Providing a seamless experience for the user was our major challenge and concern. In addition to this, we were tasked through the design to make the app easy to navigate, access the test required and feedback to line managers. The main issue was that some staff might not be used to using such technology and not engage.

WIK mobile phone app developer

Mobile App (iOS and Android) for WiK Trivia

WIK microsite and app marketing

Marketing website for WiK Trivia to acquire customers

WIK Admin System development

Admin system for WiK Trivia to manage everything in the backend

Logo & Identity

The logo WiK (world of inescapable knowledge) was designed using colours and fonts that were fun and appealing. The light blue background to the app reinforced this along with the use of bold colours within the app.

WIK Logo

Our Solution

We developed WiK using gaming software unity to provide a seamless experience. Our in-house UX designer created a flow that engaged the user on WiK. It proved hugely successful, saving employees and employers time. They reported to much prefer this way of training to sitting in a room altogether.

Mobile app

Choose the test you would like to take, complete it and instantly see your score and feedback.

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World of inescapable knowledge

Testing your knowledge at WiK is just so easy

  • You can take the test for 6 categories for your knowledge.
  • Answer the questions in time.
  • See the result of your test with accuracy & answers.
WIK Mobile App Test Knowledge
WIK Mobile app Track Progress


Track Progress of all tests & Keep yourself on top of the leaderboard

  • Statistics on your progress is at your fingertip
  • It’s very easy to check the leaderboard with daily, monthly and weekly ranking
  • Easy to share a leaderboard with someone

Technology Stack

WIK Technology Stack

Since the Launch

Since launch, new knowledge tests have been added from the CMS (back- end management system) and the app is used for fire saftey training, safeguarding updates as well as infection control.

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