Project Description

GeoBiz is a app targeted at travelling business people to enable them to make new connections with a view having more success. Networking is most effective among like-minded businesspeople that are actively looking for new products and services, which those attending the show will be. After its launch GEOBIZ quickly partnered up with many large organisations including the Business Show that helps maximise the chances for networking to convert into a customer.

Branding and Design 

We were asked to provide a full branding and design service for the client.  We had to make sure the name and logo stood out form the crowd while at the same time ensure the UI/UX was simple but intuitive.

Technology Used

1. Web / Admin1. Web / Admin

▪ Database: MySQL 5.5
▪ Server Specification:  Linux Server
▪ Server Side Technology: PHP (Laravel  5.4 Framework)
▪ PHP Version:  PHP 7

2. iOs – Language: Swift 3.0
3. Android – Language: Java

Project Date

March 2017

geobiz small logo

Native App Approach

We had already mapped out the roadmap of the GEOBIZ project and as such we needed to adopt a fully native app build approach for both iOS and Android. Using an agile build project management methodology the project was delivered on time and more importantly on budget.

geobiz screen shot explainer

User Focused Methodology

We focused on making sure that the user experience and the user interactiveness was put at the forefront of the design and development aim.

Geobiz yes or no screen shot
Geobiz screen features
Geobiz photo changes
Geobiz map of people
Geobiz splash screen
Geobiz main screen
Geobiz messages list
Geobiz sending messages
Geobiz edit portfolio

Wire framing – User Experience Driven

Creating a wireframe (blueprint) enabled us to have a visual guide of the app flow. Creating a skeletal framework then applying an in vision approach allowed us to create the elements to see how was would accomplish GEOBIZ apps purpose.

geobiz app dev wireframe

Since the Launch

MVP1 has been very well received and GEOBIZ has gained some great recognition and subsequent traction. GEOBIZ has already partnered with THE BUSINESS SHOW and is its official networking app for 2017.

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Business Show App Networking Partner
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