Project Description

The VANR App is a ‘live’ courier delivery phone app that instantly connects customers with the nearest ‘man with a van’. This can be for any purpose and at any time utilising an integrated GPS system. VANR provides a very flexible and easy to use and understand app for all the modern day users. With VANr’s extensive network of self-employed owner-drivers the app allows the customers  to send or receive items locally and nationally

The VANR App was based on a 24 hours and 7 days a week service.

Technology Used

Objective C

Project Date

January 2016

VANR main splash screen

Native App Approach

Whether you needed to move home, move office or collect a large item VANR needed to match a suitable VAN with the job required. This meant linking the right driver with the right customer.

The App is designed full of innovative features such as:

  • Easy to use ‘Live delivery service’ allowing the customers to instantly book items for delivery.
  • Instant quotes, which allows customers to know the exact cost of the service BEFORE THEY AGREE with no hidden/extra charges
  • Multi-drop service, which allows customers to have their items collected and delivered to more than one address.
  • Advanced/Timed delivery option, which allows the customers to book a time slot for when they want theiritems to be collected and/or delivered.
  • Account management – keeping all the history, promo codes and payment methods in one place.
  • The Promo code tab that allows users to add any VANR promotional code when making a transaction.
  • Brain Tree and PayPal fully integrated.


The Shop window to direct customers to the respective App Stores.

Super Admin

Admin system to manage Statistics, Customers, Accounts and Drivers.

User Focused Methodology

We focused on making sure that the user experience and the user interactiveness was put at the forefront of the design and development aim.

VANR portfolio screen 2
VANR portfolio screen 10
VANR portfolio screen 1
VANR portfolio screen 4
VANR portfolio screen 6
VANR portfolio screen 9
VANR portfolio screen 8
VANR portfolio screen 3
VANR portfolio screen 7
VANR portfolio screen 12

Since the Launch

MVP1 has been very well received and VANR has gained some great recognition and subsequent traction.

The app offers a seamless easy to use experience for its users allowing you to simply navigate across its menus and pages.

The benefits of using the VANR services is to avoid the need to hire a van. No more excessive van rental deposits and no more penalties for damages on a rental van that was not your fault. The reasons for why you may need a ‘man with a van’ are endless so download VANR today to make your life easier for when you need a van now!

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