Project Description

HOLiD8 is a brand new revolutionary app that makes Holiday Dating so much easier. The USP of this app is that it lets people select the resort where they will be going on holiday (in the future) and then see who else is going to be there at the same time and then chat with them before they get there.

Its based on looking at the profiles (photos) of the different people and then putting them into a yes or no list. You can also see who is around you where ever you are in the world.

Branding and Design 

We were given the task of creating a full branding experience for the client including designing a simple and intuitive UI/ UX.

Technology Used

1. Web / Admin1. Web / Admin

▪ Database: MySQL 5.5
▪ Server Specification:  Linux Server
▪ Server Side Technology: PHP (Laravel  5.4 Framework)
▪ PHP Version:  PHP 7

2. iOs – Language: Swift 3.0
3. Android – Language: Java

Project Date

July 2015

Holid8 Main Screen
Holid8 Icon

Native App Approach

With the roadmap of Holid8 already mapped we realised that with the technology that needed to be used we would be going down a fully native build approach for both iOS and Android. Using an agile build project management methodology the project was delivered on time and on budget.

User Focused Methodology

We focused on making sure that the user experience and the user interactiveness was put at the forefront of the design and development aim.

HOLiD8 portfolio screen 1
HOLiD8 portfolio screen 2
HOLiD8 portfolio screen 3
HOLiD8 portfolio screen 9
HOLiD8 portfolio screen 4
HOLiD8 portfolio screen 5
HOLiD8 portfolio screen 6
HOLiD8 portfolio screen 7
HOLiD8 portfolio screen 8
HOLiD8 portfolio screen 10
HOLiD8 portfolio screen 11
HOLiD8 portfolio screen 12
HOLiD8 portfolio screen 13
HOLiD8 portfolio screen 14
HOLiD8 portfolio screen 15

Production of a Microsite And Full CMS

Holid8 Website Screen

Since the Launch

HOLiD8 has gained some great traction by marketing in the youth holiday sector. Utilising the likes of Club 18-30 marking to the niche demographic has meant that these are the very people that will take full advantage of this app and at the same time spread the word enabling a viral marketing capability.  Also the App proudly featured at the WEB Summit.

Web Summit Logo
App Store Apple Main Logo
Google play Logo

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