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We are a fresh & vibrant mobile application development studio based in the UK. Now well established as professional App Developers and Design company in the mobile world we have gained considerable recognition in the UK, London and the surrounding counties.

The creative bods at Appy Monkey are an excitable lot! Packed to the brim with an experienced team of seasoned mobile app developers. Every one of them is passionate about designing, developing and managing, stunning smart phone (and tablet) Applications. Our approach is like no other. From the very beginning, Appy Monkey has got you covered. We strategically plan and design functioning UX/UI, implement front-end development, integrate back-end management, test, tweak and improve EVERYTHING until it’s perfect. Delivering Project after Project – On time, On Budget and On Point!

From Start to Finish

Even if you have just have an idea we will help breathe life into it and make your dream become a reality. As the leading App Development and Design company in London you will not be disappointed when you choose us to build your idea as we will surpass all your expectations.

Our Experienced Team

The members of our team come from a number of different disciplines. iOS, Android & Windows app developers, mobile web developers, designers, user interface (UX/UI) experts, marketing creatives, video producers, content writers, ASO consultants, project managers and business directors. This diverse range of skill sets enable us a create apps for multi platform devices. Including the iPhone, Android, iPad, Facebook, Windows, PWA’s and MORE.

We Create Cutting Edge Apps

As the leading London App Developers and Design Company we are confident we can produce the perfect apps that are easy to use and ‘on point’!

App Developers and Design Appy Monkey

What is our motto?

“We Take a Small Seed & Grow a Spectacular Tree!! We don’t just take an idea and build it. We DEVELOP it! We analyse, brainstorm and improve EVERY aspect of an idea. From conception to delivery… It’s in our interest to create the very best project possible. That’s what sets us apart from the other app companies out there. We are proud App developers and Designers.”

The Appy Monkey Team

Before We Build Your App..

1. NDA

Before we start to build your amazing idea we first protect it by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)


Market research and an in-depth analysis is often a good idea to do at this stage to make sure you are onto a winner


We take you through all steps involved including the ways that you can make money with your App.

4. SOW

We fully document how we will build your app, timelines and cost in a Specification Of Work (SOW)


All the necessary contracts and supporting documentation are signed and we are ready to build your vision

Building Your App…


We now draw the wire frames of app screens as per the SOW so that the exact flow of the app is mapped out and connected

7. UI/UX

User Interface and Experience is vital so at this stage we use our incredible design team to bring your app to life


Now we have reached the build stage and our technical team takes over ensuring you get the best development

9. QA

Nearly there now – Quality Assurance is very important and basically means we make sure the app works and is without faults and coding errors.


This is the moment you have been waiting for as we send the build for Approval with Apple and upload to Android

When your App is live…


Its published so lets get or experts to get your app out there with an amazing marketing plan


Lets face it to be successful you need to be constant with social media we can take care of this for you


Lets reinvestigate how we maximize your revenue with different promotional channels available


All apps require a bit of TLC and our on going maintenance plans makes sure your app is in sync with new iOS and Android releases


No successful app stays without updates – so we make sure you don’t get left behind

App Developers and Design Appy Monkey

We’re Here To Make Sure Your App Is A Huge Success!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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